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LIVE REVIEW OF Ruthless Season 4 Episode 22 “Fistful of Greed”

LIVE REVIEW OF Ruthless Season 4 Episode 22 “Fistful of Greed”. Just click the link below. And don't forget to also subscribe to Da Hood Table on YouTube, IG, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

So, we picked back up with Lewis holding a gun to the Highest head telling the guards, “Put your guns down or this muthaeffa is dead.” Not only did Ruth and her team have them all surrounded. But they also unloaded all of the guard’s guns. After George elbowed Dikahn in the head, Dikahn really thought he was about to do something when he grabbed his pistol.

And did y’all hear how Elder Muva screamed, and how

Joan gasped. Joan was like noooooo, but not in a frightening way.

More like she was so not surprised. Since, she must look like

she is in total disbelief of what was going down at that very moment.

The Highest, even with a gun pointed right at his head, kept demanding that his guards kill them all. That was until Dikahn realized he didn’t have any bullets in his gun. Which was when the Highest said OKAY. Okay.

George had literally had enough, demanding that the cult members open their eyes and wake up.

        Yelling at them all, George said, “You all are effing fools for believin’ this ish! And you men? You men are lettin’ him eff y’all? Come on. He is not a leader. He won’t lay his life down for none of y’all. But yet, all of y’all layin’ your life down for him. He is not the Raku, whatever that BS is! Y’all walkin’ around here like effin zombies! Hey, look around! You’re in an effing cult! Open up your eyes and wake the eff up, idiots!”

So, Lewis, his girl Bridgette, George, Ruth, and the rest of their guys were all ready to bounce out with the money they stole from the Highest. The money the Highest stole from the cartel. Please let us not forget that the Highest had still owed money to Lilo, whom they killed. Therefore, also owing money to the cartel as well. Everybody from Lilo, to the Highest to Joan was skimming off the top.

But when the Highest thought that Ruth was in on it, he pleaded with her to help him. Instead after Lewis snatched the gun from Ruth, he forced the Highest into the Rolls Royce. Leaving Ruth and everyone else behind. With the Highest trying to encourage his members, by telling them that he will be okay.

Dikahn must have thought that he was now in charge. However, that didn’t last too long, did it. Ruth was playing her part really well. Barking orders to the ladies, and the men left behind, she had everyone running around under the impression that she wanted to help the Highest.

So, while the Highest is being driven away from the compound, the Feds finally got the warrant for which they’ve been waiting. The FBI was prepared to raid the property, until Andrew told them what exactly could happen if the Highest was ambushed. Not only did he tell them about the booby traps, the explosives, the mines, the bear traps, and the poisoning the Highest has ready for all the members to Jim Jones themselves. But they are now also concerned about the other Agent Malcolm who is still up there as well. With all that said, Agent Desiree told everyone to stand down.

No sooner than Agent Desiree issued that command, Agent Kyle, was notified that the Rolls was moving. Remember Agent Desiree had put a tracker on the car. With that tracker, and with the other Feds who have eyes on the car, they knew that the Highest was with them. And they are heavily armed. Except Dikahn, of course.

Ruth even had River believing that they, along with everyone else, was left destitute. Especially, since all the money was left with Lewis and the others. Ruth wasn’t too much concerned about River, being that she still needed to find the children. Including Tally’s daughter Tavia, her own daughter and the other children. Joan, on the other hand, was willing to split the million dollars she had stolen with both River and Ruth.

Yes, Ruth was even able to convince Elder Muva that she was still a resolute Raku member. Verses a traitor. Muva drunk off her behind from that dark liquor, told Ruth, that she had her all wrong.

        To Ruth Elder Muva said, “Me love the way that you fought for the Highest. I had you all wrong.” Ruth replied, “I told you that.”

Not having anywhere else to go, Elda Muva just could not understand why the Highest couldn’t make them all obey him. With everyone gone, she’s afraid of being leaderless, as well as homeless. So, seeing Muva drunk off that liquor, Ruth suggested that she go lay down in her trailer.

        I was too tickled watching Muva stumble off, singing, “He’s the Highest. Oh Lordy, he’s the Highest? All night, all day, we are livin’ in the Raku way.”

As Elder Muva tried to make her way to her trailer, Ruth was approached by River and Joan. Both promising Ruth to split the million dollars with her and instructing her on how to find them on social media. Rivers name on social media will be Raku Win One. And Joans name will be Raku Win Two. Ruth, still doubting their intentions, ordered them to go on, leaving her with the task of finding her daughter.

I really do hope that River, Joan, Lacey and Zane are able to get away unharmed. Lewis, however, wanted to go back, once he realized from the Highest, that instead of Ruth stealing 300k from the Highest. She, in fact, stole 3mil from the Highest. In spite of how angry Lewis was, George did not want to go back. Neither did his girl Bridgette. But before anybody could react, while Ruth was escaping in that raggedy car, people started dropping like flies, Bridgette included. From whoever was sniping them out from the darkness of the woods.

Given the circumstances of this episode. Who do you think the sniper is?

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