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P-Valley Review Season 1 Episode 6 Legacy

Here is my written review of P-Valley Season 1 Episode 6 Legacy, along with the link to my live review of the episode from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube. Thank you.

So at the beginning of the show Mercedes snuck up on her daughter Terricka at her tennis lesson. Terricka is in her fee fee’s because of the fact that Mercedes has not been keeping to her visits with her. On top of that, Terricka saw Mercedes on the Chucalissa news for dog walking her Grandmothers for stealing those 20 racks. The first weekend that Mercedes was supposed to hang out with her daughter, she was hanging out in a holding cell with her crazy as heck thief of a mother Patrice Woodbine.

Also, the lady Shelle played by the phenomenal Tasha Smith, who is the stepmom with custody of Terricka, makes it very clear that Terricka is now her daughter. Then she tells Mercedes that since she is doing a horrible job as a mother, she has a lot to prove to the courts if she ever wants to regain custody of Terricka. But did Shelle have to emphasize how she burnt up Terricka’s father Cortez to go into an urn? LOL Now I know he cheated on her and all, but she said it with so much disdain. I was like dang, that is still Terricka’s father, and Terricka is within earshot of their conversation. LOL

On the other side of town, Lil Murda just assumed that Keyshawn aka Mississippi was going to try to blackmail him, after she caught him and Uncle Clifford kissing. But Mississippi was like I ain’t seen nothing. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. She is way more interested in Lil Murda’s new hit song gaining her more exposure, along with her dance routines. Her video of her swangin’ around that pole the night that Mercedes was supposed to perform has went around the world and I yi yi, including the song that Mississippi was dancing to.

The song that Lil Murda penned for Uncle Clifford is about to blowwwww up, and Keyshawn wants to be a part of that! LOL And this just might help Lil Murda advance his career. Because so far his manager hasn’t done a good job at getting him out into the media. Lil Murda was like what is you trynna be, my Keyshia Ka’oir to my Gucci Mane? LOL But then Lil Murda pointed out that because of the constant bruises Mississippi keeps popping up with, her man might have a problem with them fronting a relationship together. At the sound of that, Mississippi was looking all nervous and thangs, like she knows what’s coming if things don’t pan out well. LOL

She and Lil Murda was up there taking all those selfie pics, without considering Uncle Clifford or Derrek. But did they have to have another man’s baby in the picture with them? LOL Afterwards when Lil Murda and Keshawn was at the club, what did y’all think about Lil Murda’s boys? That one friend was giving Lil Murda the side eye. To his boys Lil Murda is trying to keep us this front that he only has an interest in women. But for some reason I don’t think that all of his friends are falling for that. Especially when Keyshawn said that Lil Murda spent the other night with her.

But OMG Loretta Divine had me holllerrrring! Did she really try to do the splits in the middle of the living room? Chiiiillle, and she’s a blind as bat and a bud head. LOL Talking about they say weed brings back your sight and if it doesn’t, it sure will make you forget that you are blind. And although she didn’t handle her business too well, Uncle Clifford’s business is her business. When he got a text message from Lil Murda, she was too anxious to meet the new man in Uncle Clifford’s life. She even told ole Cliff to invite his friend over for a pot of neckbones. LOL But then, we find out that the club was handed down to him from his Grandmother and the club used to be called Ernestine’s.

Come to find out, the reason why the bank is threatening to take the club back is because of a lot of bad financial decisions made by his Granmuva. Thanks to her being blind and not seeing the numbers right as she says, she done took out loan after loan on that property to the point that there is no way they she could see herself out. No pun intended. LOL Uncle Clifford said it’s time for you to ask your God for a favor. Chiiiiile, Granmuva done told ole Cliff that God does not want his dick sucked by her because she still got her teeth. LOL I was done I tell ya!

Then did y’all see Uncle Clifford all dolled up for his dinner date with Lil Murda and his Granmuva? Mannnn Uncle Clifford was laid and slayed. And of course, Lil Murda was looking all good, dressed up as usual, with a neck and mouth full of gold. LOL After dinner tho, when he set eyes on a picture of a much younger Uncle Clifford, Lil Murda was like you was a snaggle tooth ass queen even in grade school. The Granmuva then claimed that Uncle Clifford came out the pussy switching! Y’all, that’s when I really lost it. I love me some Loretta Divine! She had me cracking the hell up! LOL

By the way, do y’all think Big L will be able to save the Pynk? He and the “candyman” has been hiding drugs up inside the Pynk without Clifford’s knowledge. And now since they might lose the Pink, Big L has an idea to help him store the stash somewhere else. He’s also going to help him load the truck. So, with Big L starting at 5k a load will he be able to hustle up enough money to save the Pynk?

On the other hand, if Clifford found out what they have been doing, would he be so forgiving? I mean, after all, the Pynk does need to be saved, because it doesn’t seem like Cliff or Granmuva has anything else going for them. So together with whatever Uncle Clifford has up his sleeves with Patrice Woodbine and his former employee Eloise, maybe one of them will make something happen. Particularly, because after hearing Granmuva reminisce about the good ole days and the hardships that their club has suffered, somebody needs to do something miraculous right now.

In addition to all the drama, those white boys are something else, you know Corbin’s two brothers from another mother Wyatt and Wayne? Wayne done held up a shotgun at Andre, the realtor and demanded that their illegitimate brother Corbin sign the papers so they can get rid of their inheritance. The brother Wayne seemed like he really cannot stand his father or the memories of his father.

Namely, he mentioned one thing he cannot stand is how their father did his real family wrong. In response, Corbin was like, but I am real. However, Wayne was acting as if he might kill the black realtor if Corbin did not sign the papers. Then after he signed, Wayne was like well looky here, the gun is empty. Hell, I hope Corbin did not sign his real name on that paper. Furthermore, he needs to whip his brother’s ass! Wayne at least needs his ass whipped for saying that maybe the civil war is not over, and maybe it’s just begun, while he was pointing that gun at the Andre. Damn the prejudice assholes!


In Conclusion

1. I like how motherhood is creating a bond between Autumn and Mercedes aka Thelma and Louise. Mercedes even gave Autumn the code to her old locker.

2. Do y’all have a feeling that something bad is going to happen to Mississippi? Even in the dressing room, everyone seemed to be scared for her after that video went viral. Will she have to borrow Autumn’s gun from out of Autumn’s new locker?

3. Are you convinced that Lil Murda is in love with Uncle Clifford?

4. Not only do we now know Mercedes daughter’s name, we now know Autumn is going by her daughters name, Autumn.

5. What do you think is in store for Hailey, if the guy who is searching for her finds her?

6. Do you really think Hailey will leave or will she find her way back to Andre? Or will Andre’s wife find her way from Atlanta to Chucalissa?

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