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P-Valley Finale Review Season 1 Episode 8 Murda Night

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Here is my written review of P-Valley Finale Season 1 Episode 8 Murda Night", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, it started off with Autumn and Montavius still in the private Paradise room, with him still wanting to know where his money at. A quarter million dollars is what he’s looking for. And I knew that wasn’t her husband. That’s why I’ve been saying the man “who says” he is her husband, is looking for her. But he was her man alright, and a Lieutenant of the DD gang. That partially explains why she’s been so scared to run into him again. We also found out that Autumn used to be a corporate accountant. “A head for business and a body for sin” per Montavius. But to stall him out, Autumn told him that the money was in the bank, which he did not believe for one second.

On the main floor, when Lil Murda and Mississippi aka Keyshawn took to the stage, it was lit. After a few words though, Lil Murda was speechless from how many people knew the lyrics to his song by heart. But thanks to the training that Keyshawn gave him, that didn’t last long. Keyshawn’s baby daddy Derrick was still there as well. He was in the crowd, peeping the entire scene, looking like he wanted to break both of her legs when she was swinging around that pole. Especially when Lil Murda started rapping his song called “Mississippi”. Actually, all of the strippers were workin’ and twerkin’ it like there was no tomorrow. They were definitely putting on a show for the last night of performance at the Pynk.

In another private room was Mercedes and her “friend/loyal customer” from Memphis. Since her “friend” has always been so generous with her and invested in her “career”, she asked him for 10k. She did make 10k hustling with Autumn. But she still needed the rest to get her a new gym, since her mother stole hers from underneath her. But he wants part ownership if he invests in her gym. She was like hell naw!! But not only that, he wants full access to Mercedes. As a matter of fact, he’s not only trying to be part owner of her gym, but also wants to put her up in a condo and keep her as he mistress. Although married, he wants to take her from the pole to the Palace. Will it be worth it for her though, is what she was trying to decide?

Later, after Lil Murda and Keyshawn exits the stage, Derrick overhears people calling them the Fayonce’ of the week. Lil Murda was being introduced by his manager Woddy to Rome Caffey, Head Executive of Blue Guap Empire. Derrick was screaming for Keyshawn from across the floor while she was being pulled away by Rome to discuss some business. She nervously ignored him, which obviously pissed his woman beating ass off.

Rome basically told Lil Murda that he wants to take him to another level, dealing with producers, and an entire production team. He’s trying to take him from the basement to the penthouse. Then up walks Uncle Clifford, offering drinks to everyone. As you saw, Lil Murda snaps at him, but Clifford kept quiet, while fuming on the inside. Lil Murda had no problems speaking up for his DJ, who Rome called a lil baby fetus dancing behind the DJ booth. But when it came to Uncle Cliff, Lil Murda couldn’t defend Cliff, if Cliff’s life depended on it.

Without even looking Uncle Clifford’s direction, Lil Murda said, “We about dat business right nah”. At least Keyshawn spoke up in Clifford’s defense. Rome was being real disrespectful, saying, “God damn! “Folks around this muthafucka don’t know if they want to be a n***ga or a bitch”. Clifford who was visibly shaken, took to his bottle of yak in his office. Standing there, looking all heartbroken, Lil Murda didn’t even know how to explain himself when he came to Uncle Clifford. And come to find out Rome really came down there for Keyshawn, not Lil Murda. He had his sights on Keshawn all along. But does he really want to make her a star, or want to take her to the stars? LOL

I think it’s safe to assume that Keyshawn’s baby daddy Derrick done lost his freaking mind. Diamond spotted him holding Keshawn up against the wall. Derrick was flipping out on Keyshawn, demanding that she met him outside expeditiously.

While Keyshawn was hemmed up, Mercedes was trying to protect Autumn from Montavius. She broke a wine bottle and went for his neck. But in a suit and all, he was too quick for her. The whole time I was wondering, why didn't Mercedes just bust that fool over the head with the bottle? LOL Autumn then told him the money was stored inside of the club to get him from killing Mercedes. She was given 5 minutes to get the money to him, or he was going to slash Mercedes’ neck with the same bottle she tried to use on him. But when she got to her locker, she couldn’t find the gun. Where the hell is the gun? Why is she leaving? Is she really going to leave Mercedes with that crazy ass man, was just a few of my questions? And still yet, neither Diamond nor Big L was there to rescue the ladies. But Autumn did eventually come back.

While Autumn and Mercedes were trying to handle Montavius, Big L was too busy making a drug transaction and Diamond was too busy whipping up on Derrick to help them. Diamond snuck up on Derrick, while Derrick was in the restroom. Looking like he was ready to break Derrick’s neck, he told him that he’s tired of him putting his hand on women. They then start fighting. But Derrick wasn’t going down easy though. I was so surprised at how Derrick was giving it right back to Diamond, to the point where I thought Derrick would win. But who knows who would have won? Because while Diamond thought he was being Keyshawn’s hero, she pulled up on him with a gun, demanding that Diamond get up off her baby daddy. Sooooo, that's where the gun went. Then we hear multiple gunshots, and I’m like who the hell done got shot? Everybody started to dip out of that joint. Let me remind you of Uncle Clifford's Rule #2 "always know where the exits are at up in this bih, cuz you never know when you got to turn a window to a doh". LOL Then we saw the blood flowing from underneath the Paradise door.

During the entire show I was wondering what’s up with Andre, then we see him at the auction with his wife. The highlight of this episode though for me, was when Uncle Clifford’s Grandmuva told Mayor Ruffin aka Tydell, “Fuck You”, after he said he was sorry for her loss. LOL Starting at $55,000 the first person bidding was Andre. And look at Autumn standing beautifully there in all white, the only one bidding against Andre. Everybody in the room was shocked, looking at her like does she really have deep pockets like that?

In no time, they done went all the way up to $250k, which was more than Dre was trying to pay. $250k for Lot 609 going once, going twice, SOLD to the lady in white! The Mayor who Grandmuva had previously cursed out, ran up to the podium to remind people of the rules, which are you must have the money upfront. He said, “unless you got 250-mutha-hundred-fuckin’ thousand dollars…”. In response, Autumn turnt that duffle bag upside down, making it rain all over that auction floor. Mayor Ruffin being pissed off, threatened to put a bullet in his own Godson Andre’s ass. LMAO

What starting out as a funeral for the Pynk turned into a blessed and new business venture for Autumn and Uncle Clifford. But the look that Autumn gave Andre. Everybody up in there, for the funeral of the Pynk was dressed to death! But mannnn if looks could kill, Andre and his wife would have been dead on the flo’. Chiiiile I love it! And they never said or showed who died at the Pynk. But I’m assuming that it was Montavius.

Mercedes didn’t attend the auction, but later showed up looking something terrible. Taking into consideration what has transpired, I probably would have to, especially after her mother, again turned her back on her. The only advise her mother, Pastor Sister Woodbine told her was, “to go speak to her God on this one. Remember…..I’m dead to you”. Then she walks into her new “church” building that she stole from her daughter and slammed the door on Mercedes. Later, when Mercedes showed up at the Pynk, her only question was, “was it taken care of”, which Clifford responded, “yes”. Therefore, it’s opening time at the Pynk y’all. LOL


1. Why did Autumn buy the Pynk for 250k when she could have been given Uncle Cliff the 55k? Is she really not to be trusted, as Montavius told Mercedes?

2. Lil Murda is just a character and he's not gay in real life...... He is Married with a son. Unfortunately based off a lot of P-Valley fans, he's going to forever be the face of a downlow or gay person. Do y’all feel that way when men play gay or downlow roles? Do you feel as if they might not actually be straight because they play the role so well?

3. Why y’all think Mississippi saved Derrick? Do you think she left with Derrick that night?

4. What happened to Montavious? The radio said 20 injured but didn't mention anyone being murdered. Mercedes asked, “was it taken care of”? Did he get shot? Did they dispose of his body?

5. Do you think Andre’s wife figured out that he was messing with Autumn?

6. Will Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford still be an item?

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