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P-Valley Season 1 Episode 5 Belly

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Here is my written review of P-Valley Season 1 Episode 5 Belly, along with the link to my live review of the episode from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube. Thank you.

Y’all at the beginning of this season I didn’t see it coming. I did not see Lil Murda as being gay. And even after a few episodes I was thinking okay Lil Murda is trying to use his sexiness and his swag to just try to sway Uncle Clifford just to get his music played in the club. But is it really more than that? Is he really feeling Uncle Clifford, is he really into men like that or is he just trying to play Uncle?

But either way when he woke up ready for round two, Uncle Clifford was gone. And when he went to find him, I could not believe that Lil Murda was acting like he was all in love with Uncle Clifford. Like after just one night of passion, he wants to wine and dine, take a stroll in the park, and feed ducks at the lake. Uncle Clifford ain’t about that life tho. From what he was saying, if you get caught dead down there in the dirty dirty, in the delta, chances are that you might be really caught dead.

But what about Gidget and M-I crooked letter, crooked letter I, crooked letter, crooked letter I, humpback humpback I, Mississippi! LOL done hit a lick. That big newly divorced lady was so white girl wasted. She done spent all her little divorce settlement on them dancers, and the rest got stolen when she passed out. But did Gidget & Mississippi have to leave her passed out in the club all night be herself. LMAO I was hollering!!

But now ain’t that sweet how all the dancers got together to piece in on getting Mercedes out of jail knowing that Mercedes would never get them out of jail. Mercedes would have left them in jail to rot, even if she still had them 20 stacks that her mother stole from her. But what do y’all think about Autumn Night dancing just to be dancing? When she paid Mercedes bail to get out of jail, I knew she was going to be the one to do it. But never would have thought she would tell her she ain’t gotta pay her back.

Autumn Night was like you ain’t gotta pay me back because she got more where that came from. And while Mercedes was maybe thinking that Autumn had to be running some type of scams on maybe rich dudes or possibly stealing credit cards or something, Autumn called it retribution. LOL It’s her 40 acres and a mule for payback. And then to find out that Mercedes is her real name and not her stripper name. I just knew Mercedes was her stripper name chiiiile. LOL

But this little act a kindness might develop into a nice business move for Autumn and Mercedes. Autumn needs Mercedes to help her move some money, and Mercedes needs some money. But the way Mercedes mother was preaching all up in that jail. Mannnn I don’t care what y’all say or how Mercedes feel, her crooked momma can preach her wig off and steal money at the same damn time. LOL

And that man Montavious, how did he get access to the money account. As soon as they sent the money transfer thru, that dude Montavious was literally peeping it on his end from his laptop at the telly. Like is he really Autumn Nights husband? Is that the man in her nightmares who was beating on her? Is that her baby daddy? I got questions. LOL But he done put it on real thick with the officer at the station, shedding a tear and everything. But I have a feeling that whosoever he might be, he ain’t up to no good and Autumn Night needs to watch her back. And on top of that she might even need to use some of that retribution money to buy a weapon. LOL And why the hell is she living in that dump of an apartment with all that retribution money she got? LOL

But any who, Autumn had told Mercedes about how she ended up in a situation and set out to start a new life with that I.D. she found in that suitcase. But did Autumn’s baby real die in the storm? She keeps having these dreams with water and freaked out on Mercedes last week when she thought Mercedes purposely locked her in that SUV while it was getting a carwash. And then this episode she was talking about how the waters came and she deserves to die because after 3 days she still couldn’t find her baby. Hmmm

And what about Mississippi aka Keyshawn and that white dude Derrick? He was like why you running out here looking naked? I was like bruh don’t you see where you at Derrick? Man, you is at a whole strip club establishment. LOL Does this white boy want to keep playing house with Keyshawn, so he can’t keep putting his hands on her? Or is he even the one that was beating on her? He wants to put her up in the house and take care of her, so he says. But she prefers to twerk for her money and pay her OWN bills. But did he really think that him asking her about her daycare situation would work with her? And will the daycare situation be something that will backfire on Mississippi? I mean we all know that a strip club is nowhere for a child, let alone a newborn baby.

And now what exactly did Lil Murda mean when he said let him handle Mississippi, when she saw him and Uncle Clifford kissing? What is Lil Murda planning to do y’all? Now we saw him last episode throwing down in the club, so we know he can get a little aggressive. LOL He beat the brakes off of his friend. But will he do something bad to Mississippi because she caught them kissing? I mean one minute he’s trying to take Uncle out on the town and the next second he’s talking about let me handle Mississippi. It was as if he really does not want anybody now to know he and Uncle Clifford got a thang going on. LOL

Please feel free to leave me a comment on your thoughts on the last episode, and check out the video of my live review on the show! Thanks

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