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Power Review Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 3 “Play The Game”

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Here is my written review of Power Book II: Ghost: Season 1 Episode "Play The Game", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Tasha’s attorney Maclean and Investigator Matarazzo, is furious at her because they are still under the impression that she knows exactly who killed Ghost. Despite Saxe setting her up to make it look as if she killed Ghost and Silver, Tasha insists that she’s innocent and ready to take the stand. Knowing good and well Tasha wasn’t ready for the stand, Mclean is determined to prove that to her. So, while deciding what to do next with Tasha, her attorney has her taken back to jail.

Afterwards, Tasha sits down at the cafeteria table and slips “the morning after” pill to a fellow inmate. Tasha desperately needs a friend on the inside. And she figures that gesture would be a great play for her to get more information on Marshal Meredith and on whoever made the inmate need a “morning after” pill. The inmate, not knowing Tasha’s true intentions, asks “why do you want a friend at MCC? Don’t nobody stay here past their trial”. And right when Meredith gets almost close enough to overhear their conversation, after revealing her name to the inmate, Tasha rushes out of the cafeteria.

In spite of Tasha feeling convinced that she can stand trial, she was in total disbelief when rushed away to get dressed up, hair, makeup, the whole nine, to be thrown in front of a mock judge and jury. Day 1 of the trial seems to have gone okay. Tasha tried her best to be very convincing. She was even quite composed, when admitting to having some involvement in Ghost’s and Tommie’s drug empire. Again, she claimed while on stand that she had Tommie kill Silver, which we know was a lie. But she did tell the truth about opening bank accounts and laundering money for Ghost, which she said she was forced to do. The latter being another lie. LOL Holding her head up high at the end of day 1, she felt deeply that she would have no problems, pulling this off in front of Saxe.

During Day 2 of the mock trial, Tasha was grilled by attorney Tameika Robinson. Tasha was in no way prepared to face Robinson in a cross examination. Robinson, always on top of her game, broke Tasha all the way down, proving that she was indeed a Queenpin. All 12 juror’s including the women declared Tasha guilty of all charges. Maclean was so impressed with Robinson’s cross examination performance, that he pleaded with her to help them defend Tasha, to which Robinson firmly said NO. But will Robinson change her mind, after Maclean revealed to her that he knew all about the US Attorney looking to her for help when he got into some legal trouble?

Tariq grateful to Diana for hooking his mother up with “the morning after” pill and a cell phone, texts her his gratitude. But unbeknown to Tariq, Monet’s incarcerated husband Tejada had inmate Bishop spying on Tasha and found out that although the phone was for Tasha, the pill wasn’t. But before Tejada could figure out which inmate is in fact having sex with a CO, he gets a call from Monet, who fills him in on Lil Guap. Monet wants to cut off Lil Guap and the GTG crew, after seeing them celebrating live on social media. Monet feels as if Guap will bring a lot of unwanted attention there way. But much to Monet’s frustration, Tejada is against Monet cutting ties with Lil Guap. Reasons being, is that Lil Guap’s father once took a bullet for Tejada, leaving him feeling indebted to Guap. But Monet has other plans for Lil Guap.

Tariq has finally found the time to read the entire book assigned to him for his homework. The book assigned is Plato's The Apology, an account of the speech Socrates gave while at trial to face charges for not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, inventing new deities, and corrupting the youth of Athens. Even after reading the book, Tariq’s Professor Simmons still believes that the class is far too advanced for Tariq. That of course, is due to the differences that he and Tariq shared on the virtues of Socrates’s actions. Therefore, Tariq is under the impression that Simmons will fail him. After expressing that to his classmate Lauren, she basically tells him that he doesn’t have to win at everything. In other words, let Simmons have his way on this one, regardless of how Riq feels about his personal views of the book. But “playing the game” backfired on Tariq. Professor Simmons found Tariq’s assessment of the book interestingly different, but acceptable. However, Professor Reynolds didn’t give Tariq a credit because he knew Tariq only wrote what Simmons wanted to hear. “The grade stands,” he says. “This is your consequence for not using your voice.” This was a lesson for Tariq, to from now on be authentic with his own personal feelings and defend his opinions.

Returning to the dorm he shares with Zeke, Tariq was frustrated at the sight of Zeke lounging around playing video games. Tariq has been doing his best to tutor him, and write Zeke’s papers, while also struggling with his own homework. And even with all that, Zeke’s grades still aren’t high enough to join back up with the basketball team, and Tariq just failed his own assignment. So, not only is it time for Zeke to do some of his own schoolwork, but it’s also time for Zeke to return a favor to Tariq. Tariq asked him to hit up his Aunt Monet so that he can have a one on one with her. Zeke knowing that Monet doesn’t want nothing more to do with Tariq, figures he does owes Tariq at least one favor, so he sets up.

In the meantime, Monet sends her son Dru to pay a visit to Lil Guap, in hopes of convincing him to stop flossing on social media because it could potentially hurt their business. Lil Guap and the girl he was booed up with wasn’t quite feeling that request tho. Coked up Lil Guap, obviously feeling himself, took to social media again, and this time included Dru in the scene. That led to Dru knocking the phone out of Lil Guap’s hand, which Guap responded “You know, maybe your mom’s always on my dick, because she hasn’t got any in a decade”. The two men then face-off to not be showed up by the other, right as Cane appears. Stuttering, Lil Guap tells Cane that him and Dru are good. Cane, being the hot tempered one, shoots off a couple of warning shots in the air, as they run out. That stunt draws attention to nearby officers and leads to a police chase on foot. This of course will later piss Tejada off, being that he told Monet to only send Dru to speak to Lil Guap.

But thanks to officer Ramirez, who she’s sleeping with, Monet’s sons were able to escape. Monet was right, in assuming that Lil Guap, being all flashy on social media would draw police attention to them. But despite her lover insisting that she and her crew lie low for a while, she refuses to do so, claiming that she can’t right now. The next day Monet went to visit her husband in prison. While enjoying a conjugal visit, he expresses how upset he is that she didn’t follow his orders of only sending Dru for Lil Guap. Not only was he upset, but Monet couldn’t conceal her own frustrations, when she heard that he was on their daughter Diana’s side. Tejada feels as if it would be best for Diana to attend school.

After arriving back home, Diana, when confronted by her mother, lied, saying she didn’t reach out to her father to get permission to attend school to play basketball. Diana doesn’t understand why she can’t play ball, when she is as good as Zeke. Usually crime bosses insist that their daughters keep their hands clean and finish school to earn a great job, while the men tend to the hustling. So, Monet surprised me when she told Diana she needs to devote her time to the family to assist her brother’s, mainly Cane with their family “business”. Monet, smart enough to know better eventually found the burner phone that Diana had used to sneak and call her father and smashed the phone with her foot.

Still pissed at Diana, Monet visits Zeke at his dorm, and was surprised to see Tariq still there. Tariq approaches her with a bag of money, and a business proposition. Tariq knows that Monet is in desperate need to keep the money flowing, and that the GTG crew is a bad look right now. Monet is not blind to the fact that Tariq comes from a hustling family, so offers him the chance or working together. This deal is on the condition, that he and Zeke no longer live together. Tejada, after being made aware of the agreement, reaches out to Tasha to warn her, Tariq’s life will be in jeopardy if he ever steps out of line.

But back to Reynolds, who is entertaining Melissa, one of his grad students. Professor Milgram, who has been ignoring all of Reynolds attempts to reach her, at the suggestion of her sponsor Carrie happens to enter her office. While sitting at her desk Milgram overhears her ex Professors Reynolds having sex with Melissa. I am certain, that Milgram now understands why her sponsor suggested that it was a bad decision that she slept with him. Not only was it a mistake, but he literally in a few short days, had sex twice in his office with two different women, as if he doesn’t have his own place.

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