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Power Review Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 4 "The Prince"

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Here is my written review of Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 4 "The Prince", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

This episode started off with Tariq getting a phone call from his new business partner Monet. Monet reminds Tariq to always pay the exact amount discussed, always make sure you deliver your orders on time and always pay in cash. The next call he receives is a prison call from his mother Tasha, warning him to get a gun asap. Being that Riq is already doing his best to stay under the radar at school, he tells her he doesn’t need a gun. But to her persistence, he goes along with it. However, he didn’t know where to get a gun. Thankfully, Tasha has that problem solved, by telling him where he can find one of Ghost’s stashed guns, which was in a false panel at a laundromat.

The next call is made from Monet to gather the GTG crew together. Due to their clout-chasing and foolishness, which brought the heat down on them, she informs them that they are no longer needed. I told y’all last week that she was going to let them go, after she and Tariq made that business deal. LOL Of course, this pisses off Lil Guap, who calls her a bitch, as she’s walking away. Monet then turns around and dared him to say it to her face. Why Lil Guap couldn’t just keep his mouth shut, as if he doesn’t know the level of wrath that can pour out from Monet and her right-hand man, her son Cane? Monet told her son Cane, “damn, you beat the brakes off that n***a”.

Later on, Tariq meets up with Brayden, who is fearful that Scott will come after him, as soon as he finds out who else has been selling on his turf. So, Tariq done came up with a plan to try to sell as much drugs as possible. The plan is to find smart kids on financial aid who could use some extra money. Not only can they tutor students, but they could also sell them drugs at the same time. In essence, they’ll be killing two birds with one stone. I must say that Tariq definitely gained his business sense from his father Ghost. Like father like son, they are raking in all the money.

A lot of that money is going towards his mother’s defense team, Mac and Paula. Paula, so concerned about how Tariq is able to pay them, returned the money to Tariq. From now on they will only be able to accept wire transfer or checks to cover them, because Tasha’s freedom and the future of their firm is on the line. One thing I couldn't believe was how Paula seemed to fall for what Tariq told her, which was that he got the money from robbing his grandmother. Tariq, as bright as he is, is under so much pressure right now. He’s still tutoring Zeke and trying to pass his own classes. He’s hustling day and night to raise money for Tasha’s defense team. He and Brayden done already sold out of all the drugs Monet supplied. And now he’s being told that he has to leave a money trail for each payment transactions to Maclean.

In addition to Paula, Monet is also wondering how Tariq came across all that money. Monet has her son Dru breathing down his neck. She has sent her son Dru to connect with Tariq at Stansfield to find out everything he can about Tariq’s business hustle. Yet, I was not prepared for what we saw next. When Dru sat down next to his drawing partner in class, I swear I could see flying, raging sparks between both of those guys. I was thinking is Dru gay and if so, will that be a problem for Monet or Cane? Then again, could Dru just be playing the part with this flirtatious basketball player, to stay close to Tariq? But then all that flirting they were doing made way for Tariq to sneak off and led to Dru ending up making out with in his dorm.

Far away from there, Saxe gets a call from John Mak, who forced Saxe to take the case against Tasha. Mak informs Saxe that Maclean has sent his recusal motion to try to get Saxe removed from the case. As upsetting as that might be to Saxe, his niece then gets escorted into his office. I believe this is the first time we meet his niece Riley, who was arrested while trying to buy weed. That arrest turned out to be a good thing. Now Saxe has someone who can tail Tariq to try to find out who he associates with, and how he’s making money to be able to afford Maclean.

In an attempt to have Saxe removed from the case, Maclean gave enough reasons why he thinks that Saxe is being bias when it comes to prosecuting Tasha. This being because Saxe couldn’t bring down Ghost or Tommie. In front of a judge, Rodriguez and Tate were put in the hot seat. All three of them in the past has lied, and done illegal or immoral acts, to justify their means of putting Ghost behind bars. This time Councilman Tate makes Ghost out to be an upstanding citizen, knowing if he didn’t it would backfire on his political career, revealing his own dirt. What Tate did instead was admit to how Tasha strong-armed him, in such ways as Tasha making him help her to secure a daycare which she used as a front for her drug dealing.

On the contrary, Rodriguez was being truthful when on the stand. Rodriguez told how Saxe stole Silver’s phone and planted it in St. Patrick’s room. Even though Rodriguez knew it to be true, she couldn’t prove this because she didn’t see it. In spit of that, what she could prove amongst other things, was how Saxe planted a bug on Proctors daughters backpack to eavesdrop on Proctors conversations, which he had no warrant for. Despite their testimonies, neither Tate nor Rodriguez was enough for the judge to remove Saxe from the case.

Finally, how many love triangles have we witnessed so far this season? LOL Not only is Professor Reynolds sleeping with Professor Milgram, but he also slept with his grad student Melissa. I don’t know why I was assuming that this was a one-time thing. Now he’s accusing Carrie of being jealous, for thinking that he’s trying to get in good with Diana’s family, so he can hook up with Diana next. Back at their office, they argue, fight, and then with Milgram leading the way, they make love. Tariq, as if he doesn’t have enough on his plate, shared a kiss with not only Diana but with Lauren as well. And the biggest surprise was to see Maclean and Paula in a very sexy lovemaking scene. But he’s married to someone else! After they were done sweating up the sheets, Carrie hands him his wedding band, and says “don’t forget this. Marilyn would notice if it’s missing. I know I would”. Lawwwd Hammerrcy this was one roller coaster of an episode! LOL


1. Will Dru being gay be a problem for him family, more so for Cane?

2.Do you think Reynolds will be slick enough to get in bed with Lauren, another one of his students?

3. How do you feel about Brayden? I'm sure Tariq won't slip up and reveal to Riley what he's up to. But what about Brayden?

4. Do you think Lil Guap will come back for revenge against the Tejada's?

5. Tejada was only dealing with Lil Guap because he felt indebted to Lil Guap's father who took a bullet for him.

Will Tejada now have problems in prison?

6. Looking at Monet's actions against Lil Guap, will she be punished by Tejada for ignoring his instructions to leave Lil Guap alone?

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