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Sistas Midseason Finale Review Season 3 Episode 11 “Unlock It”

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Here is my written review of Sistas Midseason Finale Review Season 3 Episode 11 "Unlock It" from my YouTube channel along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Therapy! Therapy! Please tell me which school of higher learning did that therapist attend. And was it free? Was it online? Were there real credits actually received to get a degree? Is this school still operating? LOL But in real life situations, I can understand how somebody who knows that their partner has been with someone else, might imagine them two together. Especially when it’s time to get intimate with your partner. And regardless of if your partner slept with another person during your relationship. Or when you were separated for some time. Nobody likes feeling like there is someone else that can satisfy your partner. But come on now. Even if that is a real therapist, practicing therapy, those type of exercise are just outlandish. LOL Our girl Andi was not falling for that shit. She was like Dr. Quack, if your therapy is so highly effective, then get her a man to straddle her every time she feels like Gary isn’t touching her enough. LOL And if that doesn’t work for Gary then get your Quack ass outta my house before I call the police.

And to that, I say it’s about damn time that Andi grew some balls. Because like she told the therapist why would you, not, as a professional, warn somebody about what they are about to walk in to. I mean, someone else, another woman, would have seen a woman on top of her man, in her own bed, and shot up everybody in the damn house. But even if this form of therapy does help a couple in the bedroom, what about their issues outside of the bedroom. Did you see how every time Andi tries to walk up from Gary when they are arguing, he yanks by her arm. He has always done that, and still does that. As far as Gary’s attitude, ain’t nothing changed. He’s still aggressive, disrespectful, jealous, and insecure. So doggone insecure that he’s still following Andi around and dry humping on some other woman. Hell, they could have at least chosen an unattractive, ugly woman. LOL

Danni and Preston – Soooo when it comes to Danni and Preston. We finally find out what else it was that’s been making Danni feel unsure of their relationship. She feels like they don’t really have anything in common. She like hip hop & r&b. He likes country and bluegrass. She loves basketball. He loves hoedowns. LOL And when he gets home all he wants to discuss is cows, mules, manure, or other farm shit. Something that she is totally not interested in. Despite their differences, Danni really enjoys spending time with Preston. But the issue, still is the fact, that when they are together, they don’t have much in common to share. Which makes it difficult for her to want to spend so much time with him every day.

The crazy part about it though, is that Preston is not upset at all. He totally understands her need for space. What he doesn’t understand is why she couldn’t just come out and say it. But do you think with them not living together anymore, will be beneficial to their relationship. I mean for one I think they moved in too soon in the first place. And if Preston does move out, unless they both try to or attempt to show concern towards each other’s personal interests, it ain’t gonna work. That’s just my opinion. LOL

Andi and Karen – So needing a friend to talk to, Andi paid a visit to her girl Karen’s salon. And could you believe that Karen has heard of a therapist using that same method to help a couple out with their sexual issues. So, am I the only one who has never heard of those type of therapeutic exercises? Damn, I wish I would have known about that shit years ago when I got cheated on. Maybe my relationship at that time could have made it thru the test of time. LOL But even if that is the case, Andi still has a feeling that instead of attending the gym in the mornings, Gary is cheating on her. Because that’s exactly how it went down when Gary was with Jasmine. Every time he told Jaz that he was at the gym, he was really with Andi. Despite her feelings, after speaking with Karen, Andi decided to sit down with Gary to discuss a few things.

Not right away though. Andi stopped by her office first, to grab the settlement papers to deliver to Robin at his hotel. Except Robin was still at the office. And the first thing Robin noticed was that Andi’s ring was absent from her finger. The second thing he did was ask Andi did she have something to drink. I was like Andi why why why are you about to have drinks with this man. Especially when you are in your feelings right now. And that attorney has not once kept his feeling from her that he has for her. The next thing you know they were tonguing each other down in Andi’s office.

Karen, Zac and Fatima – Now last week after hitting a lick on that Bellanice stock, Zac had planned on having a serious discussion with Fatima about their relationship. But first he stopped by Karen’s salon to not only make sure that she knew about his newfound riches. But also, to hand her over a check to cover 3 years of expenses that he couldn’t provide her with before. And Pam had me cracking up, talking about she had better take a pic of Zac before he gets hauled off to jail for slanging. Pam just knew with Zac rolling up in that bad ass sports car, dressed and looking like new money, that he was back in the streets. The funny part is the fact that he did do something illegal for that money. It just wasn’t from selling drugs though. But he ain’t about to expound on all of that. At least not for right now.

And did y’all think that Zac was about to end up back in Karen’s office, holding Karen up against the wall, banging her back out. You could definitely feel the sexual energy and love between the two. Except this time, Zac just handed her the money, and gave her a pound, before Karen realized that he was heading to Fatima’s. Karen, even though she might still want to be with him, figures that it’s best for him to move on, instead of them continuing to try to work it out. So, Karen heads home, to receive a visit from Aaron. Aaron still insists that he doesn’t have any regrets breaking his celibacy for the Lord. However, being that he has been feeling like a hypocrite at church, he told his Pastor about him fornicating. So, Aaron was removed from teaching at church, which he understands why. Just as well as he knows that sleeping with Karen was not a onetime thing. Therefore, Aaron presented to Karen a resolution. He suggested he and Karen gets married ASAP. Karen sat right there eating that ice cream, ignoring whatever Aaron had just suggested.

Zac and Fatima - So, he left Karen right there in her salon to go see Fatima. Zac wanted to take Fatima out to Maxine’s for dinner, even though she had already cooked. Being that Maxine’s is a very expensive place, Fatima suggested he put that money towards finding him an apartment. Fatima had yet to find out that Zac was $800,000 richer. Considering his new situation, he revealed to her his plans of becoming a property flipper, just like Chain Breakers, who he used to work for. And I know I’ve said it before, but I like seeing Zac with Fatima, more than I did with Karen. Fatima like Zac said has always believed in him and spoken power into him. That was the one thing that he didn’t have with Karen.

There is really no comparison with the two. And for that matter, no other woman, in his life from his mother to his aunts, to his grandmother has ever made him feel as if he can be more than what he was. Which was a drug dealing street hustler. But in Karen’s defense. After being with a man for so long, who doesn’t see their life outside of their own 4 walls. How long should you have to see something in somebody else, that they can’t see for themselves. But any who Zac told Fatima that she’s either in or out when it comes to them. If she doesn’t know right now if she wants to be with him, then she needs to let him know. Otherwise, he wants to see what could be possible for their future. And isn’t that cute? You know the “Zatima”. Zac and Fatima. LOL Zac is so crazy.

Maurice, Que, Calvin and Sabrina – Maurice is still kicking it with Q. But for some reason, his activities for him and Q that evening needed more space, than what his own bedroom provided. So, to get Calvin out of the house, he sets it up so that Calvin leaves the crib to go talk to Sabrina about their relationship. Which turned out to be a good thing for Calvin. Because him and Sabrina decided that they both want to take another chance on their relationship. And on the flip side, it was a bad thing for Maurice. Now I done told y’all over and over again that I think Maurice should leave Que’s ass well enough alone. And now after not paying Que “Mr. Gay for Pay” his “gay for pay” fees, Que pulled out a gun on Maurice. With a gun to Maurice, Que demanded that they run down to the bank where Maurice works to rob the joint. LOL Although, I knew Que couldn’t be trusted, I didn’t expect this turnout.

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