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Sistas Review Season 2 Episode 3 It’s All About Pacing

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is my written review of Sistas Review Season 2 Episode 3 "It’s All About Pacing" along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, at the beginning of the episode we pick up with Zac and Aaron arriving at Sabrina’s crib. After giving Karen a change of clothes, so she can get out of the bloody ones, Zac needs to get something off his chest. Zac is still in his fee fee’s regarding him and Karen still not being back together. Aaron, still being in the picture only adds to his frustration. So, after taking some digs at Aaron and Aaron’s attire, he storms off, with Danni behind him, after mentioning to Karen that he now knows who is more important to her.

Once at Danni’s house, they immediately set their eyes on the rose petals strewn across her apartment, and that beautiful cowboy cooking dinner. Somehow, Preston managed to get inside her home without a key. I’m almost positive that it had something to do with his good looks that swayed the landlord into allowing him entrance. But Danni is confusing him all over again. One minute she’s telling him he’s a bug-a-boo, and then the next minute he’s not giving her enough attention. Therefore, Preston tells her that he is tired of her rules, and from now on they’ll be going by his set of rules. In other words, let that man be THE man Danni.

While conversating after dinner, Danni realizes after she used the “N” word when referring to Zac, that her new man’s family is extremely racist. For that reason, he hasn’t even informed them that he is involved with a black woman. Regardless and politely, whether he can say it or not, Preston asked her to please refrain from using that word. Just the thought of how racist his family is and how often they toss that word around, he thinks it is inappropriate even if it’s used by a black person and ends with “ga” instead of “ger”.

Now I was wondering when Karen would realize that Aaron be doing just a bit too darn much. They haven’t even known each other that long, but he is always smothering Karen. Although they are both attracted to each other, Karen tells him that he scares her, and he’s bringing too much drama and baggage to her life. Not even taking in all what she is saying, he responds with, “I just want to make love to you”, and then invites her to his hotel room. After hearing all that, Karen says she’ll think about it.

Soon after Aaron leaves, the attorney from Andi’s firm shows up. Obviously, at Fatima’s insistence, he decided to at least listen to Andi’s rendition of her sticky situation with Gary. The lawyer recommends that she confronts her boss Bellamy who forced her to take the case. If she can prove that he forced her to take the case after she told him that it was a conflict of interest, he could be fired. Knowing that Sabrina could possibly get fired as well, Andi apologizes to her and promises that she’ll make everything alright. Finally, Andi has come to the understanding, that she might have made some horrible choices. Full of emotions, she asks Sabrina, “is she stupid for the decisions that she’s made”. As a good friend, despite the results of Andi’s actions, Sabrina doesn’t condemn her, but instead encourages her. As a matter of fact, she suggests to Andi that it is possible that Gary could be telling the truth. Hearing that from her friend, she has Fatima make a call to Leslie, the P.I.

But Fatima is held up with making that call, due to her literally “running” into Zac. Not only has Zac been stabbed but now he has been hit by a vehicle, thanks to Fatima. Coincidently though, Fatima and Zac were headed to the same meeting, which was learning how to flip houses or buying house. After the meeting Zac gets a call from Pam who incorrectly informs him that Karen is awaiting him at the hotel. She just automatically assumed that the key card that Karen had in her possession was for a room for her and Zac. Along with Andi and Sabrina’s job being in jeopardy, I can see Pam soon to be unemployed after her assumptions. Because instead of waiting for Zac to arrive at the hotel, Karen is rolling around in the bed with Aaron.


1 Do you believe that Gary is telling the truth?

2 Do you think Karen and Aaron will consummate their relationship?

3 Should Karen give Zac another chance?

4 Do you feel as if Preston’s family might be an issue for him and Danni?

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