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Sistas Review Season 2 Episode 4 Trying To Stay Open

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is my written review of Sistas Review Season 2 Episode 4 "Trying To Stay Open", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

We pick up where Fatima is giving Zac a ride to the hotel that he thinks Karen has reserved for him and Karen. But was he really flirting with Fatima on the way to the airport? After insulting her by insinuating she needs a man to buy her a vehicle, he was like are you seeing anybody? She looked at him, like how dare you, especially when you ride a bike. Then once he’s in the hotel, he runs into room service who was bringing roses and wine to Karen’s room. Karen and Aaron are so caught up in making out, they didn’t even hear the room service. Next thing you know Zac picks the lock and catches Aaron going all the way down on Karen.

I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for Zac or not, until security at Aarons request put him in handcuffs and arrested him. But I mean, can we blame Zac for his behavior? Karen continues to give mixed signals to both Aaron & Zac. But the minute they show interest, she pushes them away. She really needs to figure out what she wants to do. Or should I say who she wants to do But question for y’all. Was Karen leaving Aaron at the hotel because she felt some type of way about Zac catching her in the act? I mean the man did just save her life and is still suffering from a knife wound from her attacker and is now being arrested. Or did she leave because she was upset with Aaron for demanding that Zac be arrested?

I still don’t like Aaron. Remember in season 1, after Aarons wife died. Karen’s mother told Aaron he looks like the kind of person who would drive his wife to suicide. Besides him being so clingy and smothering, it’s something else about him that I just can’t put my finger on….yet. Give me some time though. But anywho, I feel like if Karen can let Pam get away with what she did, and not fire her, then she can at least bail Zac out of jail.

Now to my favorite sista, Danni. Danni’s cowboy done totally flipped the entire script on her. After cuffing him to the bed several times, he thought it would be cute to handcuff her to the bed. It was time for her to stay cuffed all day like she be doing to him. He honestly didn’t get why she was so upset. Do you think she had a right to feel how she felt or was she dragging it out? I know he’s a white man, but if she can cuff him why can’t he cuff her in return? I actually thought it was funny that he turned the tables on her. But then she started spazzing out, bringing up slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation from 1862. I would have left her bipolar acting ass up in the apartment talking to herself just like he did.

But moving on to Maurice. Maurice has finally came to realize that the big event he has been invited to, is to raise money for him. Although he can’t believe that they thought he was going to die, he is ecstatic about the “surprise” party that they have planned for him. I think Maurice is ready to get it popping and dropping. But he better not work it too much, because he did say something about being on disability from work. He told Sabrina, “You better not say nothing at work”. Maurice is back to him old self y’all and I love it. I absolutely love me some Maurice.

Gary! Let’s discuss Gary, who is still locked up and adamant about being innocent on all counts. Is he really? Did his wife set him up or nah? I am not sold on him being innocent, but I am sold on him having an anger problem. As soon as Hayden let him know about the meeting between him and Andi, Gary’s jealousy and insecurity reared its ugly face once again. Furthermore, what did Gary mean when he said that he and his business manager got something in the works for his wife? Of course, he didn’t feel the need to disclose whatever that is to Hayden. So, I guess for now, Gary will maintain where he is, until Hayden is provided all the evidence against Gary.

As a matter of fact, maybe Gary will run into Zac since they are both being held at the jail. Or do y’all think Zac will get out way before Gary, since his bail is only $5k. But who’s going to bail him out? He had the guard make a call to Fatima, in hopes that she can bail him out. Now how would that look, especially since he was just flirting with her on the way to the hotel? The guard had me cracking up though. She was yelling into the phone “He wants your check girl, that first of the month check girl”.

Speaking of money. After Fatima hung up the phone from Zac, she received a package from Gary, with a message to give it to Andi. Now where the hell did all that money come from? Supposedly his accounts and Andi’s accounts are frozen. And supposedly he wired all of his money to Andi’s account, which again is frozen. Andi was like hold that money dear to your heart, while she faces her boss. Boldly, Andi accused her boss Bellamy of being in cahoots with Jasmine and Morris to split the settlement for the divorce. In response, he automatically assumed that she would be filing a discrimination lawsuit against the firm. I don’t think she should trust that Bellamy.

Andi seemed pretty assure of herself that she’s right, and it’s a possibility that she just might be onto something. Feeling pressured Bellamy told her that it might be a million-dollar settlement on the table. However, the only way he’s willing to tell her everything is if Andi takes the settlement. He’s offering her a million dollars to walk away if she no longer accuses him of working with Jasmine and Gary. Andi obviously not trusting Bellamy stormed off to Mr. Benson’s office with her accusations. Benson intrigued by Andi, took time out to listen to her. Now all she needs to do is find the proof from the files that were removed from her office. Andi thinks all the proof was confiscated by the FBI, but didn’t Fatima remove Andi’s files from her office? Hmmm Andi just might be able to get her job back.


1 Should Karen bail Zac out of jail?

2 Do you think Karen is trying to have her cake and eat it to?

3 As far as Danni, in the handcuff scene, was she dragging it out?

4 When it comes to Gary, from that box of cash, do you feel as if he is innocent or guilty of embezzlement and fraud?

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