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Sistas Review Season 2 Episode 5 “Up In Flames”

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is my written review of Sistas Review Season 2 Episode 5 “Up In Flames”", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

Soooo our girl Andi managed to do what it took to get her job back, which was basically turning down the offer from her boss Bellamy, for her being fired. Yeah, the hush money could have been a nice chunk of change for her. But I suppose having a stable job and career was much more important to her. On top of that she can still sue the firm, and keep her job, if she chooses to do so.

Not only that, but she truly believes that Gary was being truthful, in that he was being set up by his wife and her attorney. Therefore, the board is now reviewing the evidence. So, we shall see if Gary is really innocent of all charges. But then again, I’m still wondering where did Gary get that $250k that he had delivered to Andi at her job? And why was Sabrina so willing to help Andi with that large sum of money after she just risked losing her own job at the bank?

But what the heck is up with Andi’s co-worker Paris, who was really acting pressed to take her out on a date? Evidently his grandmother was a client of Andi’s and he wanted to show Andi his appreciation by taking her out. Despite knowing she is in a relationship, as long as there is no ring on her finger, it didn’t matter one bit to him. Regardless, every smooth move he tried to make with her, literally had him going “down in flames”. Even Fatima refused to put in a good word for him. She claims that she has no interest in being in the middle of that or any of the other “water fountain gossip” that goes on at work.

Whether Fatima hooks Paris up or not, let’s get but back to this 250k situation. Do y’all believe that Gary is indeed innocent? I mean Andi is putting herself on the line trying to prove that he is. But he still can’t seem to get over the fact that Hayden is the once that’s assisting her. Andi done lost her home, her car, her job, her life savings, all for the love of one man. But his crazy, bipolar ass, who she told needs to pick a struggle, can’t seem to come to grips that she only wants him. She is, or should I say was, willing to do everything in her power for him to be free. Despite all that, he had the nerves to tell her it’s over and that he wants every last dime of that 250k, to which she said “I ain’t giving you shit”. Andi better take that money and replace everything she lost because of him.

But not only did Andi get her job back, Sabrina also got to keep her job. As a matter of fact, instead of punishing her, they deferred her suspension. To the bank, Sabrina training a new employee is way more important than her sitting at home. Especially with Maurice still being out of work, recovering from his injuries. So, for now, at Maurice’s station, will be a very attractive man by the name of Jacobi Seller’s.

Jacoby is definitely something to look at. Sabrina couldn’t even hide the fact that he might end up being a big distraction for her at the office. Maurice, however, couldn’t handle the thought of somebody replacing him at work. So, his still battered and bruised self, just shows up at work, with a walker, dragging his body along, insisting that Sabrina gets Jacoby the hell out of his workstation.

Besides Andi, for the most part, everything seems to be going better for Sabrina. Danni, however, is showing a little bit of stress over her and Prestons’s relationship. When her co-worker hit her up complaining about not being able to cover for Zac, she told him, “You old piece of shit, don’t f*ck with me”. In other words, that old man had better get used to that extra workload, being that Zac is in jail.

After flipping out on Aaron last week, Zac landed up in the slammer. But after seeing Aaron’s face deep in between Karen’s legs, can we blame him for his behavior? Because, Zac, I believe is still being led on by Karen. Karen, who is steadily playing with both the two of them, is trying to have her cake and eat it too. Speaking of which, Karen, she could depend on Zac to save her life, but Zac couldn’t depend on her for bail money. Fatima, on the other hand, actually came thru for Zac with the 5k to get him out of jail.


1. So now that Zac is out of jail, what does this mean for him and Fatima? Zac in a previous episode was flirting with Fatima. Knowing this, and seeing a sneak peak of next episode, she told him that she likes him, and wants him to win.

2. So, will Zac show up at Maurice’s party with Fatima? We know Karen will be there with Aaron. Will Zac land back in jail again?

3. Also in a sneak peak of next episode Andi, asked Paris to come to the party, after she turned him down for a date. Is she really trying to move on?

4. Danni is still upset with Preston. Do you think she might give in to the handcuffs?

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