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The Have and the Have Nots Review Season 7 Episode 19 “Father's Day”

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is my written review of The Have and the Have Nots Season 7 Episode 19 “Father's Day” ", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So, we are back at crazy Veronica’s crib where Madison’s ex Colby and his other gay friends had the nerves to skinny dip in her pool. Even after Veronica shot at Colby, he still ran up out of there thinking that it was all a game. If it weren’t for Jeffrey and the pool boy Samuel, he’d probably be dead by now floating at the bottom of her pool. Then he tried to tell Jeffrey that he should have jumped into the pool with them for therapy purposes. From Colby’s point of view, Jeffrey skinny dipping would be him facing his fears. Although he is not a therapist, he said the pool represents the world, and what he fears. So being naked in his mother’s pool represented his vulnerability. In addition to that, Veronica shooting in the pool suggests when you live your life fully, people will always take shots at you. I just cannot with him, but I’m not a therapist either.

Then Colby steps into another room to take a call from someone who he’s charging $250 for a half hour of “services”. So, I’m like whatttttt! Is Jeffrey messing with somebody who used to date a prostitute, a call boy? Come to find out, the other person on the phone is Jeffrey’s stalker Justin. But tell me this, why is Justin’s face still messed up and full of bandages? Before Colby got there, Justin was tearing down all the photos of Jeffrey that he had plastered all over his wall. Justin done lost his mind, having flashbacks of all the fights him and Jeffrey had.

When Colby did arrive, Justin said his name was Sam. Real or fake name, while Justin wanted to chit chat, Colby was ready to get right down to business. Then just that quick Justin changed his mind about the “hookup”. Still yet, Colby still wanted to get paid. But no money nor anything else was exchanged because suddenly Justin’s brother Tanner walked in on the both of them. Remember when I said I don’t know who is the worser evil of Tanner or Justin. Well I’m beginning to think it might be Tanner. Tanner done cloned Justin’s phone, which is how he knew about them meeting up. Heck for all we know, maybe the entire family has stalker tendencies.

But check Colby out y’all! The way he beat the crap out of Tanner should’ve even scared Justin from bothering Jeffrey anymore. After whipping on Tanner, Colby said, “I’m a former marine, so don’t let the gay man fool you, because he’s still all man”. I know that’s right Colby! Tanner responded with “just give him the money back bro”!

After Colby and Jeffrey took off from Veronica’s house, she shared a kiss with the pool boy Samuel. She wanted to share more with him, but he reminded her that he’s a married man. So, she offered him a bottle of expensive wine instead. Before he hurried home, he did let her also know that her security cam wire was sliced. Now did Samuel do that or did somebody else do it? It ain’t no telling because she has so many enemies.

Soon after Samuel takes off, Veronica gets several other visitors. Can we all agree that Veronica’s place is hot? One of those men she called over was Marco, a former gigolo and mercenary Katheryn’s. Marco is needed to take care of whoever is following her and to take care of pleasuring her as well. He agreed to do both jobs for $15k. After he left, Veronica made another call to someone to find out everything they can about Samuel and his wife Laura. This was in part to Samuel seeming fearful of the police arriving at Veronica’s house if she shot Colby. So, Veronica is having them both investigated.

Then Veronica got a visit from Judge Modine who said he’ll help her make sure Celine gets $50k for back child support from Jim Cryer. But again, doesn’t Candice have all of Jim and Katheryn’s money? And I’m starting to wonder does anybody in this show believe in nuptials? From their interaction, we found out that Veronica slept with him before in the past as well. The Judge wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane. But Veronica warned him that his heart monitor just might not hold up to the pleasure that he remembers having with her. And after he left Veronica showed her disgust for the older man. But it couldn’t have been that bad when they were sleeping around. That is unless it was just something that she did to get what she wanted at the time. Such a whore!

Later when David gets home, who’s waiting for him again? Alissa! It’s obvious that this lady doesn’t give up easily. She does however, give “it” up easily. While she’s trying to sell herself to David for room and board, we find out that he sent her dad to prison for life. When she was 9, her father was raping her and her sister and also killed their mother. She just happened to mention all of that right, before going “down” on him. I just can’t believe how weak David can be at times. I’m sure David is smart enough to know that he is not to be blamed for Alissa’s outcome. But do you think he’ll try to do right by Alissa anyway because of the role he played in her being put in foster care, and then prostitution? Let me know.

While David is working that out with Alissa, Hanna and Al are trying to work out Katheryn’s finances. In the middle of Hanna trying to get a handle of everything she’s expected to do, Al continually flirts with her. One minute, he’s complimenting her eyes, and in the next, he’s impressed by her integrity. But when he said anybody else would have transferred Katheryn’s money into their own name, I got a little suspicious of him. Did y’all? But regardless who really has control of the money, is Candace anyway right?

Now when David went back to visit Jim at the hospital, he told him that the car is at police station down the street and that Wyatt is back in jail. But when David went to precinct to see Wyatt, Carmen refused to let him in. Seems like their little affair left her with a broken heart. Even though David claims he broke it off because of his crazy wife Veronica, years later, Carmen is still feeling some type of way.

But what the heck is in store for the Cryer’s now? Uncle Vinny made a phone call to Momma Rose to tell her that Katheryn said no deal! He then told his mother he’ll make sure it looks like an accident. We then see him and his goons in the basement where Wyatt is being held. Despite Wyatt’s pleas, Uncle Vinny slices up both of Wyatt’s wrists as payback from when Wyatt slice up his face. Per Uncle Vinny, Wyatt left him to die, and now he’s leaving Wyatt to die.


1 Do you think Wyatt will survive another wrist cutting?

2 Do you think Justin’s brother will turn around and beat him again?

3 Do you think Samuel is the one who cut Veronica’s security cam wires

4 As far at Madison, do you think he might have also been a prostitute in his former life?

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