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The Have & Have Nots Review Season 8 Episode 3 "The Long Drive Home"

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here is my written review of The Have & Have Nots Season 8 Episode 3 "The Long Drive Home", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

So once Jim got home, and David helped him up the stairs to his bedroom, he sees ole Hanna sitting on the bed. In front of her were the financial documents of Katheryn’s Estate. Jim was furious, not knowing that Hanna has put appointed POA over the Estate. He was about to charge at her, til Hanna bucked back. She said to Jim, “touch me and watch me wear your ass out”. Anna picked up that fireplace poker and was about to wack Jim upside the head and put him back in the hospital. And David’s excuse for Jim’s unruly behavior, was that he’s been through a lot lately.

Folks are going to get enough of messing around with Hanna. She’s saved but just like me “God ain’t thru with her yet”. LOL Then when David tried to snatch the papers away from her, she bopped him upside the head real good with a candlestick. After realizing Hanna was not backing down, David was forced to call the police on Hanna. While waiting on the police to arrive, Jim mentions to Hanna how he also wants his 8mil that her daughter Candace stole from him. Jim was coming off real racist when speaking to Hanna. As close as he is with David, I was still surprised that David was offended by Jim. One would think that David wouldn’t be offended, because none of this is new to him.

But the real gag this episode happened when the female police officer arrived. Hanna showed the officer the paperwork proving that Hannah is in fact the Executor of Katheryn’s Estate. Then she said to Jim, “now what were you saying to me Jim, about what I have or have not”. LOL That was the first time in 8 seasons that I've ever heard one of the characters say the name of the show in the lines.

Now last week we saw how Selene and Jim’s son Jimmy, has a few choice words to say to Jim regarding him not paying child support. Selene is facing a possible eviction and Jim could care less that his baby momma could use some assistance. So, she pays a visit to Veronica, after Jim tried to get Selene fired. Selene desperately stormed up into Veronica’s home because, without being asked to come in. Veronica who had previously promised to help her, made Selene reenter her home like 3 times before addressing her.

That damn witch Veronica, is too much for me. LOL She can tell that Selene has had it up to her eyeballs with Jim being a deadbeat dad. But that didn’t keep Veronica from being her nasty self as usual. However, rude and all, Veronica still promised to help her get child support from Jim. So distraught, Selene starts blabbering Spanish words, that Veronica couldn’t understand. Also, in return for Veronica’s services, Selene tells her if she can help her get her money, she will come work for Veronica for free. I hope Selene knows what she is saying. LOL After she left Veronica went looking for her Spanish dictionary, believing Selene was probably cursing her out during their conversation.

Veronica later finds out from her investigator that she was correct when thinking she was being followed. Whoever is following her believes that they are tracking the right person. So did good in her housekeeper selection. The housekeeper resembles Veronica, especially since Veronica is making her wear her clothes and wigs and driving her car. As far as the background that she requested on Coby, she found out that he is an escort. This we already knew from the episode when Justin hired him for his services. But now she also wants to speak with Justin’s brother, Tanner. So, the investigator is going to track him down so that she can speak with him. What the heck does she want with Tanner though. Maybe the two of them will work together to punish Justin for still being gay, and for him being in love with Veronica’s son Jeffery.

We got see Benny and Candace again. After looking at some listings, he pays another visit to Rianna, the realtor. During his visit, she thanks him for being concerned about her on his last visit. She still seems kind of down, but in better spirits at the same time. Maybe that was because see actually noticed how attractive Benny is, and much more thoughtful than her ex-boyfriend Sandy Malone.

Once he made arrangements to view some properties, he returned to the hotel where Candace is holed up. Benny still does not understand why Candace is not as upset as he is, with her father Derek. Nor does he understand why his bestie Mitch and Candace didn’t want him going after Derek. If it was up to Benny, Derek would be 6 feet deep by now, for raping his mother years ago, and impregnating her with his sister Candace.

This episode seems not to be the one, where Sandy and Benny runs into each other at Rianna’s office. Benny just so happened to leave before Sandy arrived. Had Benny stayed a little longer, I’m sure he would have come to Rianna’s rescue. Then again Sandy probably wouldn’t have been such an ass to Rianna. No, he didn’t call her coworker a bitch for checking up on her. He will not be content until Rianna has to rely on him. It was quite obvious he was trying to cause her to lose another job.

Wyatt is still at the hospital and still begging for pain pills from the staff. Instead of pain pills, he got a therapist. That is not exactly what he wanted. But the therapist did promise him that is he cooperates with her she’ll make sure he stays out of jail. Or he can go back tomorrow. Of course, he agreed. LOL

Katheryn Cryer is still behind bars, and highly disappointed that Marty hasn’t been able to get her released yet. The way it looks, she’ll be in there for a few more months. Katheryn threatened to fire him and hire Veronica as her new attorney. Now that might have been a great idea, if it wasn’t for the prosecutors possibly calling on her as a witness to testify against Katheryn.

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