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The Haves and The Have Nots Review Season 7 Episode 14 Someone Special

Here is my written review of The Haves and The Have Nots Season 7 Episode 14 "Someone Special", along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

We started off with Hanna arriving at the Cryer’s to check on the damage from the break in. Upon arrival, she sees that her ex, her baby daddy Derek, is also there in handcuffs. Besides her children, Derek is the last person that she wants to see right now. After all the time Derek has spent in prison, he was on his way back to jail. Because Hanna was not, the least bit, going to speak up for him. Thank goodness the cops finally got in contact with Jim Cryer for verification. They then released him, to continue fixing the door, that Jim’s crazy son Wyatt kicked in.

Speaking of crazy, that crazy psycho Justin was still hanging out in Madison’s hallway, at his apartment when Jeffrey showed up. “You can’t help everybody” is what Madison told Jeffrey. Jeffrey knowing how difficult it is to be gay, and to have a relative not condone it, namely his mother, naturally feels sorry for Justin. But will he feel sorry enough for Justin, to fall for Justin again? I do believe that Justin is far from done with harassing the two of them. Last episode, he seemed to be trying to convince Madison that he wants to change and just needs somebody to talk to. However, this episode, he was visibly becoming unhinged again.

In other news, Candace, along with Mitch’s help, for a moment, managed to stall Benny out from hunting down Derek. However, Hanna is still upset that Candace and Benny won’t give Jim Cryer his 8 million dollars back that Candace stole. On top of that, she’s still pissed off about being dragged out of the Malones bar. In fact, she called the cops on the both of them, because they wouldn’t get out of her house. When it comes to Derek and Benny though, does Derek actually want his butt kicked by Benny? He just popped up at Hanna’s house asking to speak with her. Benny was quite confused to say the least. That was mainly because Candace was obviously not telling Benny everything about Derek. I mean in Benny’s mind, this was the man who raped their mother, and is his sister Candace’s estranged father. And Benny is right! Derek did seem sincere with his apology, explaining how he was under the influence of drugs as a teen to Candace. Still yet, she brushed him off, told him goodbye, and headed for the airport.

Momma Rose and Katheryn were still in jail threatening to bring harm to each other’s relatives and/or each other. “If I find out that anything has happened to my son, that will be the end of your reign”, said Katheryn. Momma Rose was throwing her weight around in jail, by bullying the guards, but Katheryn is refusing to be bullied. Sounds like they are going to war y’all! When Momma Rose was released from jail, she headed straight to their family bar. The amount of money that she now wants from Katheryn is 1 million dollars, which she also relayed to her son Vinny. That’s the new amount to keep the Malone’s from physically harming Wyatt. Vinny is confused though, because Momma Rose said Katheryn paid 75k but Vinny only received 50k. So, he’s obviously wandering where the other 25k went.

On the other hand, look at Sandy, still disrespecting Mitch’s friend Benny by calling him a black “N” word again. Everyone was looking at Sandy like you supposed to be a part of this mob family. You are beating on your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, who is black. You are disrespecting black people by continually calling them the “N” word. But you almost pissed your pants when you saw your Uncle kill somebody. Boyyyyy, if you don’t either grow some thicker skin or get out of the game. LOL He is so weak! I can’t believe his ex, couldn’t see right through it, and go upside his head when he was whipping on her.

Apart from everybody else’s drama, Veronica was at home having one heck of a dream, hell one heck of a fantasy, it was indeed. LOL When I was watching it take place, I was like hell nahhhh David! I know you didn’t go back to that evil monster of a witch! LOL Veronica was dreaming that she was back with David, till in the dream he said he was in love with Hanna. Then I was like….Hanna?? What, when, where, and how did Hanna become a part of that fantasy? Especially after Hanna acted like she couldn’t even stand looking at David earlier at the Cryer’s. She snapped at him "can't you see I'm ignoring you?” LOL She has so much disdain for David, that she refused to tell him what was stolen from the Cryer’s.

Finally, getting back to Wyatt. When he broke into his parents’ home, he stole his mother Katheryn’s car, and some jewelry. He immediately fled the scene, trying to hock the jewelry for some drugs. None of the crew on the “block” wanted to deal with a “jewelry for drug” exchange. But one female did give him a lil sumpin sumpin for the jewels. Even after being shortchanged, he was desperately needing a fix, so he settled for the small amount of drugs. That Wyatt was fiending something terrible, to the point where he was about to inject himself right out there in the open. The female then warned him, that if he knows what’s good for him, he wouldn’t do that in front of the crew. But did she also tell him to go to the Malone’s bar to try to sell the rest of the jewelry? LOL He staggered up into that bar, with Vinny and Sandy looking at him as if he must have bumped his head and lost his damn mind.


1. Did Hanna and David have something going on?

2. Who do you have your money on, Momma Rose or Katheryn?

3. Are you getting tired of the Madison, Jeffrey, Justin storyline? LOL

4. Will Jim be in the hospital and Katheryn be in jail this entire season?

5. We didn’t seem Jim’s estranged son Jimmy this episode. What do you think Jimmy is up to?

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