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Power Book III Review: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9 "Loyal to the End"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Here is my written review of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Episode 9 "Loyal to the End" along with the link to my live video review from my YouTube channel. Please check it out and don't forget to also subscribe to us on YouTube, IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you.

I believe it is safe to say that Nique and the notorious Queenpin of Queens, NY is in an all-out war.

So, during this episode we find out that Lou Lou did not die in the burning house that was being rained on at the same time by bullets. Nique’s crew happened to be unsuccessful at killing Raq’s brother Lou Lou. Neither was Marvin able to kill Nique. Luckily though for Nique, he was prepared for retaliation with bulletproof windows on his vehicle. Had it not been for that, him, his son, or the both of them might have lost their lives. One of his men did get hit. But Nique managed to protect him and his son, again thanks to the bulletproof windows installed on his 7 Series BMW.

After peeling out from the scene, Marvin pulled a gun on Lil Rob who was driving the van. It didn’t take Marvin long to figure it out who snitched on his nephew Kanan to Officer Howard. We saw how Lil Rob, who didn’t want a murder put on him, had gave up Kanan’s name.

Remember Officer Howard told Raq, that Lil Rob from Queensbridge said that Kanan was the one behind those lethal blue tops. With a gun in face, in his defense, Lil Rob, told Marvin that he ratted. Because being that Kanan is a minor, he wouldn’t get as much time as he would. And that he also was trying to protect Marvin as well, so that he wouldn’t get locked up for the laced drugs.

But Lil Rob knows how the game is played. Marvin put a bullet in him before he could finish his explanation. After Marvin killed him, he set the whole van up in flames to conceal any evidence. The hit on Nique, and the murder of Lil Rob was all on Marvin.

Raq didn’t know anything about that, thanks to her telling Marvin she was done with him. Raq tried to chastise Marvin, once she found out what he had done. Since he no longer works for her, she was pissed that he made the decision to hit on Nique without her orders.

“You are complicating shit that I already have in motion”, said Raq.

“You forgot that I no longer work for you no more Raq”. And even if I did, nobody tells me how to defend my family, not even you”, Marvin responded.

The disagreement between the siblings soon turned into a much-needed heartfelt conversation. Marvin, even though he was the one to raise both Lou and Raq, still holds his sister at a high regard. So, when having a heart to heart with Raq he explained to her how much he hates not being given the same respect from her. Although Raq can run things much better than Marvin ever could, he demands not only to be heard. But to also be treated like a man. Instead of like one of her flunkies.

On the other hand, Raq needs Marvin to have her back while Lou Lou is still laid up in the hospital. And Marvin strongly desires to still be a part of the family business. Wherever and whenever Raq needs him. Next, after quashing their beef with a fist bump, Raq says, “Soldier up. Get them boys strapped and get back out on them corners”. Because it’s time for a revolution.

Back at the hospital, I’m so glad that Raq told Lou Lou’s girlfriend Jessica, that she’ll sit bedside while Lou’s girl gets some rest. Had Raq not been there, I’m sure Nique’s plans to finish off Lou might have been successful. Especially since the cop on guard was too busy chatting it up with the receptionist.

Officer Howard came thru for Raq as well. He had stopped by the hospital to visit Raq and Lou. Thanks to him being outside the hospital on a smoke break. He noticed a nurse selling some employee badges and smocks to two of Nique’s goons. Nique wasn’t wasting anytime retaliating against Raq and her family after the hit on him and his son. I was actually surprised that Raq didn’t have more of her own crew securing the inside and outside of the hospital.

For Howard once again looking out for Raq, she had no choice but to agree with what Howard has been requesting. He’s been continually begging and threatening her to reveal the truth to Kanan about his paternity. So, to pacify Howard, Raq tells him everything he wants to hear.

What Howard didn’t tell her, was the most important reason behind him wanting a relationship with Kanan. However, he did warn her that if he needed anything else relating to Kanan, Raq had better come thru. Of course, we knew that meant, granting him permission to do a paternity test. Either that, or permission to see if Kanan is possibly a bone marrow match. Because being that Howard is slowing dying day by day. The doctor needs to test any donors as soon as possible.

After saying all that, not only does Raq need her bro Marvin, but she also needs her son Kanan to not jeopardize what she has built. Raq never had any desire for her son to be in the streets, let alone a drug dealer or a murderer. But as she was told once before, he was in that shit before he was even in it.

Therefore, while Nique was preparing his crew for his next hit on Raq, she was giving shooting lessons to her son. She’s finally giving in gives in to teaching him the ropes, starting with a little gun practice. And what gun did she first choose for him. The Glock 17, 9 milli, which is the same gun that I have.

The clip holds sixteen bullets, with one in the chamber. Per Raq, and I do agree, glocks are for real work, for nuccas who know what they gotta do. And wasting no time, the first person that she wants Kanan to kill, is none other than Officer Howard. Up close and personal.

Kanan wants nothing more than to prove to his mother that she can rely on him. So, wearing Nique’s missing jacket, he sets out to meet up with Howard. Not knowing that the person his mother has manipulated him to kill is actually his biological father.

Right after Howard pleads with Kanan that Raq is setting him up, and referring to Kanan as “son”, Kanan shoots him dead in the chest. Once on the ground, he shoots him again, just as his mother taught him.

Nicole’s mom was freaking out, insisting that the police arrest Jukebox for the death of her daughter. According to Nicole’s mother, before she met Jukebox, their daughter wasn’t a junkie ghetto addict. Her husband didn’t exactly feel the same way. Because they aren’t for sure that Nicole wasn’t using drugs before she met Jukebox.

Afterwards Detective Burke set out to question Jukebox. But is Burke really gay? Or was she just using that to get Juke to trust her by creating some type of relatable issues. That’s exactly what Juke was accusing her of. Burke tried playing on Juke possibly being vulnerable after the death of her girlfriend, and from her Uncle being in the hospital. As we all know cops always use a personal story relative to what a suspect or somebody in question is going through. Even if it is usually a bag of lies.

Juke wasn’t falling for it though. Burke even told her what Lil Rob had said, that Kanan was responsible for the blue tops. With no hesitation though, Juke called bullshit, claiming whoever said it was a liar. Juke who had no idea that the same drugs that killed Nicole also killed many others on the Southside. Despite finding that out over some Italian ice, courtesy of Burke. Juke still didn’t give up any intel on her family or the source of the blue tops.

Instead, after Juke’s encounter with Detective Burke, she headed straight to her aunt Raq. Juke, at this time doesn’t have anything to do with her family’s drug ring. Yet she is as loyal of a family member as they come. Not willing to give up Kanan, Raq or anyone else, she gives Raq the lowdown on her run-in with Burke. As Raq listens to Juke explain Burke’s suspicions of the blue tops, and the murder of D-Wiz, and Buck Twenty, she asked why the cop is questioning Juke. Assuming that Burke actually likes Juke, she then tells Juke that sometimes police are good friends to have.

I’m not sure if Raq was referring to Officer Howard or another cop. But Juke took that as her que to meet up again with the detective. This time being more open and approachable to Burke. I guess this will be Juke’s way of protecting the family business. So, playing along with Burke, Juke warns her that because of Five-O hitting Nique’s reup, he’s coming for the police. Detective Burke was wondering why Juke would give her that information. Burke, just like a rookie is about to get played. Because instead of focusing on Juke, now she’ll probably be too busy worrying about her own safety.

Over the last 8 episodes we hardly ever saw Jukebox and her father engaging in a father, daughter type of relationship. Yet and still, no he did not ask his daughter was she some type of Lebanese girl faggot. He asked Juke, “Who the fuck is this white bitch, and where did she come from”. Then after finding out that Nicole is dead, he says, “That’s what God do to bitches who violate his will”. Ain’t that some messed up shit to say to your own child.

But what happened next had me in tears. Tired of being disrespected, Jukebox spat in his face. Marvin responded by slapping the shit out of her and stomping on her and Nicole’s music vhs videotape. It was on and popping after that. Juke tried her best to fight her father back. In fact, for her size she was throwing and landing a few good solid blows.

Nevertheless, she was no match to be fighting a whole grown man. Despite that, I just couldn’t believe that he damn near choked his own daughter to death. I just could not believe how he was manhandling his own flesh and blood like somebody on the street.

“Just because you think you a nucca, don’t mean you can fight like one”.

Now after seeing what Jukebox just went through with her homophobic father, how do you think Raq and the rest of the family will respond. Raq, who just made up with her brother Marvin, is very fond of her niece, as her niece is to her. Looking back at episode 7, Raq knew all along that Juke was gay. When Marvin was looking all around his daughter.

“I’m not Marvin”, Raq said, referring to Juke not being able to or not wanting to tell her father.

What did you think of the exchange between Raq and her mother after church service? During the actual church service, Raq seemed to be trying to find some sort of peace within herself. She has done a lot of dirt and hurt a lot of people. And even if the violence was done out of retaliation, was she attempting to get right with the Lord? Not at all.

More than likely she was there to seek forgiveness for what she is set her son out to do. I really am anxious to find out, what is the big deal behind not telling Kanan who his father is. I can’t wait till the producers give us more details of Raq and Howard’s past relationship.

But in the meantime, and in between time, after church service is over, Raq mothers asked what is going on with her. Because it’s been well over a year since Raq has attended a church service. Her mother being a mother, sensed that something serious was going on with Raq.

Raq wanted her mother to tell her exactly how Raq ended up the way she is. Which is at times, a vicious, ruthless, merciless, deadly, murderous, cold-blooded, savage of a notorious Queenpin. LOL Did I describe her okay? LOL

Raq’s mother thought that she was trying to blame for her for who she turned out to be. But she was wrong. Raq, I believe, just wanted some motherly advice. Possibly even some spiritual advice, being that they were standing in the Lord’s house. Her mother basically told her that she was a grown woman, who made her own decisions.

“Your momma ain’t your problem Raquel. You are”, her mother told her, before walking away.

I haven’t forgotten about Raq and Symphony. As far as those two, where do you see their relationship going from here. Were you guys rooting for the both of them. I still don’t know if the two of them are right for each other. But just when I at least thought that Raq was getting to a deeper and more intimate place with Symphony, she pushes him away again. When all it seems like he wants to do, is be there for her and comfort her when she is going through it.

He came looking for her at the hospital out of concern for her brother. But she aggressively informed him that she would have called him if she needed him there. She then proceeds to tell that that whatever they have going on isn’t real. It’s all just make-believe, due to her forgetting who she really is. Telling her he loves who she is, she replies, “Don’t worry, you’ll find some college hoes to fuck soon enough”. To which he said fuck you.

Before walking away, Symphony gives her a piece of advice.

He said, “Tell Marvin that Toni can’t be trusted”. But with all the chaos going on right now, will she even remember to do that. I sure hope so, being that Toni is definitely working with the police to set them up.

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